Please Note: This website may contain images, voices or names of deceased Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land that the college is situated on and respect all elders, past and present.

What To Expect

Student Support

Staff members and a network of tutors and support persons assist students in several ways.

  1. Wontulp-Bi-Buya College endeavors to ensure that all support personnel are people who can communicate effectively with Aborigines or Torres Strait Islanders and have appropriate training and experience. Support persons assist students in a partner relationship of mutual learning and support and in regular meetings.
  2. Course coordinators, teachers, tutors and support persons will provide students with individual support to help them achieve the required competencies.
  3. Suitable facilities will be provided for residential studies.
  4. Wontulp-Bi-Buya College LTD is now delivering online learning in a limited capacity. 65% of the courses are delivered via face to face 2 x block intensives (subject to change) with 35% via online delivery. It is requirement to attend a minimum completion hours of face to face training. This varies with each course so please contact the College office for further information.

Access and Equity

Access to Courses is not limited based on age, gender, social or educational background. There are no specified educational prerequisites for Certificate level Courses. The Course Curricula emphasizes the outcomes of the learning. Delivery can therefore be adapted to accommodate the various learning styles of possible course participants. Language used shall be appropriate to the abilities of the learners and the outcomes of the study units. The courses are designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only.


On enrolment, new students are asked to complete an information sheet to give some indication of their expectations and abilities. Students’ literacy skills will be assessed before and during the first study block by monitoring their ability to express themselves in writing and orally, both individually and in group discussion. Where necessary a student may be assessed orally or be given assistance to record or express their responses in writing or by other means. Students who have low literacy skills will be advised to undertake appropriate TAFE or other training.

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