Courses in Alcohol and Other Addictions Counselling

In 2008, Wontulp-Bi-Buya College received accreditation of two new courses that aim to develop support and counselling skills to assist in overcoming alcoholic and other addictions in Indigenous communities.

The first level provides foundational studies in this field and is a prerequisite for the second level.

The programs are designed for the treatment, rehabilitation and redirection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are alcoholic and subject to other addictions. The format is appropriate for professional development of workers who deal with Indigenous people, and is particularly appropriate for assisting community groups to establish alcoholism abatement programs. The course is designed to provide culturally appropriate training for Indigenous members of the community to assist in the changing patterns of alcohol and other addictions.

Upon completion of the courses, graduates will be able to act as role models within their communities and strengthen action and advocacy, and apply for employment opportunities in the following areas, employment may include:

  • Alcohol and other addictions counsellor
  • Alcohol and other addictions worker/educator
  • Conflict manager
  • Liaison officer alcohol and other addictions
  • Health Worker Assistant
  • Nightwatchman
  • Policy advisor
  • Community advocacy member
  • Support youth worker
  • Community resource centre worker
  • Organisation committee member

The course design is based on participatory action learning methods and is designed in short units to accommodate Indigenous learning patterns including shared learning and an holistic approach that connects learning with spiritual, social and practical aspects of daily life.

Units of competency have been designed to cover the units that are culturally relevant to the behavioural and adaptation patterns of colonisation and the historical influences that have predisposing, enabling and reinforcing factors on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and the negative role that alcohol and other addictions have on the individual, family group and the community.

Persons with expertise in Aboriginal health, rehabilitation and community development have been consulted about the course development as well as church and community contacts in remote communities.

Course Requirements
Each course will be delivered in 5 x 2-week residential blocks based in Cairns, Qld.

Certificate III in Alcohol & Community Development

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Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Addictions Counselling

ENTRY REQUIREMENT: Certificate III in Alcohol and Community Development

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